Sunday, January 25, 2009

Review the Review: 5800 XpressMusic by Nokia

There are times that I will be reviewing gadgets that are way too expensive for my budget. My solution? Review those who have reviewed. This week, we'll take a look at the highly anticipated 5800 XpressMusic by Nokia. There are two popular online articles you should check out if you want a detailed review of the mobile phone: and

Their impressions of the mobile phone is pretty much the same. At the price of PHP19,990, the enjoyment anyone could have in this touchscreen phone by Nokia is worth it. The only difference of their review is that Yugatech viewed it as a consumer while Technogra viewed it as a potential buyer. One thing I noticed though is that Technogra noted the TV-out while Yuga missed it.

Check out their reviews. They are very detailed and would give an honest opinion on the mobile phone. For me, even before I read those reviews, I am already bugged my mom about the phone. "Maybe in December" she says.

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