Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three Office Tools to Consider

Years ago, the only way you could write office documents was through the mighty MS Office - Your MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and other products. Sure you have notepad and wordpad but they don't do anything in terms of customization.

Honestly, MS Office is probably the best product Microsoft has to office to its consumers - next to XP. Vista, Windows Live, Messenger, Hotmail and other products can't even be at par with the popularity of MS Office. The sole reason why MS Office is working well and popular is because it has the ability to improve. Want proof? BUY the latest Office 2007 and judge for yourself. A little bit complicated at first but better eventually.

If there's one disadvantage on MS Office - its money. If you don't have any money, tough luck because you can't have this application.

That is why two office products, AbiWord and OpenOffice are viable alternative.

Some say that OpenOffice is better. Yes, because they're free but charge people for it and they will probably go sour on the product. That is also the same with AbiWord. However, AbiWord is a special case since they really don't have the hype so they should be free.

There's actually one function that OpenOffice and AbiWord should work on to be at par with MS Office and that function is Word Count. Yes the ALT > T > W function for word count. MS Office only use CNTRL C and Office 2007 even updates you as you write. You might think that this function is not important but talk to writers and they can attest they are actually paranoid if they can't reach 10,000 words or something.

AbiWord and OpenOffice guys: improve word count function please and don't just present it as a plug-in. It's too complicated.

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