Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flash Review: Land of the Lost Review

Land of the Lost is a remake of a popular children's movie during the 70s. I wish I could say more about the original but I never saw it. But that doesn't mean a review is not supposed to be done.

There are two sides of the coin in this movie and there will be two groups who will watch it: those who like it and those who will not like (or hate) it. I have to be part of the first group since I personally like it. Maybe because I haven't watched the original series which means I don't have any frame of reference. Those who don't like it on the other hand will surely complain that the main character is not the same as the original Dr. Rick Marshall.

But still, the movie is funny has a few surprises and can give you a great time. On the other hand, there are some troubling times in the movie. Sometimes the characters are just pushing for some skits that do not really have a good effect on the movie (a bit spoiler on the crab). It can be a bit frustrating for those who wanted to have good laughs. What I was surprised was that there are actually instances that will make you jump on your chair.

Overall, the movie is good for kids and parents. I don't know if there's really a moral to the story but I don't think that anyone watching this will really complain in getting their lost 1.5 hours.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Flash Review: Black Snake Moan

I was fortunate enough to rent "Black Snake Moan" on DVD last weekend. I tried to watch it again for this review and fortunate not just because of possibly reviewing it but enjoying the story.

Set on the South, "Black Snake Moan" is a story of an African American taking care of a Caucasian with a bad reputation. The resolution is not that easy but it's very gripping. The movie stars Samuel L. Jackosn, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake. It's not a movie for kids since the message is for adults. Sometimes discpline needs some heavy chains in order to be implemented. In this case, literally.

There are many things that can get anyone interseted in the movie. Seeing Christina Ricci in this movie is very interesting. Samuel L. Jackson is not your regular cool guy as a takes on a great role to be the villain/hero. Justin Timberlake is also not your regular cool guy. The message and mix up of the story is not that simple. You just have to feel sorry for Ricci as she has to go through a lot of sob stories in the movie. Ultimately, you have to thank only yourself for finishing the movie as you learned many lessons why some can't just get the message easily.

As a music lover, what I like most about the movie is the amazing soundtrack. They say Samuel L. Jackson learned to play guitar to have a good performance in this bit and as a guitar player, it's good to see his hands are well placed in the guitar.

Great movie, great music. 'nuff said.



Friday, October 16, 2009

Flash Review: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I was born in the 80s so I can say that I was there when they presented GI Joe in animation. Just like any kid my age, I was excited to see them on TV and kinda angry everytime I see the nemesis and rejoiced when the good guys arrive.

Having said this, I have mixed feelings when I saw the movie in theaters. I know they have awesome effects and the action is actually not bad but something is being pushed here.

They are pushing for a sequel. Yep, it's not a spoiler but they are simply thinking of making more money out of the story.

In gist, the movie is a presentation on how the feud started. They presented the background of every major character and added a few twists in the end. If you're not familiar with the original animation, then this movie is a great start to know the "Joes" as they say it.

There are people who complained about the "suit" since they are not seen in the original animation. This is what I have to say, the suit is surprisingly not a big part of the story so quit whining about it. It's just part of the plot so they can cover some holes and even make it more futuristic.

But the fact still remains: they are just trying to make a movie so that it can become a franchise. On the other hand, the part of me loves the action so my thoughts on the movie re mixed. I just wish the next "Joe" will not have the forced set-up for part 3.


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movie Fight: House of Thousand Corpses and Devil's Rejects

As you may have read in my previous reviews, I'm a big fan of Rob Zombie. These are his two pet projects that I love to watch especially when I feel really depressed and just want to be angry some more. They show you the scary side of being human as these movies are no holds barred when it comes to violence.

If you allow me to choose between the two, I like the first movie better (House of Thousand Corpses). The sequel is still great but it has transformed into a bit of trickery and gore. There are no new revelations about the main characters as they just try to go on a killing spree. But then again, these are two great movies that seemed to fit the fans of Rob Zombie.

The only challenging part for me is that the movie, you may not believe it, ultimately can force you to skip forward and know what happened to the hunted. If you have this urge: don't. There are too many good scenes to be ignored. This is where the House of Thousand Corposes lacks and Devil's Rejects rejoices. The latter movie was just plain scary since it will place you in very dangerous situations. The first movie was haunting as you do not know how evil these guys can get.

Overall, these are two great movies that should be watched in the Holloween weekend. Careful though, these movies are not made for the squimish. If you were able to watch Ilsa the Wolf of SS without any problem, they you can watch (and appreciate) the movie.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flash Review: Hamlet 2

Southpark is one of the most culturally sensitive cartoons ever. But that sensitivity is not based on shying away from topics as this sensitivity is pure embracement while making it funny. And many people (including me) likes this setting. It's like getting a 101 in pop culture everytime the new episode is up.

Why am I talking about Southpark for Hamlet 2? Because Hamlet 2 reminds me of the cartoons. With that said, Hamlet 2 tries to embrace every awkward subject no one wants to talk about and made it into a musical. "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" is a great song but can be very offensive to others.

Anyway, the movie is not going to be the best movie in the decade but it sure is funny. Steve Coogan is not just your run-of-the-mill comedian, original and basking in awkwardness, you just don't see a lot of them anymore. Actually, pulling off a comedy based on awkwardness is very rare and some actors are really good at it even though they don't exert an effort.

Great movie, funny plot, awesome music.


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Flash Review: Strange Wilderness

I don't understand critics or may I just don't understand what a good movie should be. Anyway, Strange Wilderness is a movie which stars Steve Zahn. I think this movie (along with Management) cements his reputation that he's better off as a sidekick rather than main character.

But his awkwardness and scene stealing function as a side kick is what makes Strange Wilderness a good movie to watch on a weekend. The plot is pretty hazy but it's basically on finding Bigfoot - hilarity ensues.

Overall, the movie doesn't disappoint. I like it that there's no mushy moments in a comedy. The ending is really, really weird though.



Flash Review: Stan Helsing

Stan Helsing is a movie made by one of the directors Scary Movie. Based on the title, you will know that it's a spoof of something. I first thought it was sequel (hehehehe) but c'mon. Anyway, I was expecting that the movie could be another "Disaster Movie".

But as I was watching the movie, it does have something unique. It's a bit scary, but funny. Unfortunately, it's not really funny that will make you remember the jokes. There are times that it could be funny but it's a very simple story.

Here's a story in case you see the reviews and would jump into the "yeah it's a bad movie before I saw it" bandwagon: He's Stan Helsing, mistaken for Van Helsing so he's forced to fight the horror movie characters. You figure it out who wins.

Not much can be said but it's a good movie. Oh there's one more thing: Leslie Nielsen is still funny in this movie.