Wednesday, April 1, 2009

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger 512 Review

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger 512

After 8 months of using this phone, I finally found the time and patience to review my phone.

This phone is the Asian version of HP iPAQ Voice Messenger 510 (US).

The feature so the phone is very impressive: Bluetooth, Wifi, WM6 (not 6.1), expandable memoray (up to 2G).

But it lacks the necessary power to handle these features - with 128mb of ram, you can only add two applications in the phone to ensure it still works.

It's a candybar phone, impressive speaker, 2.5mm jack (although the headset is not included in the package).

Don't expect the voice messenger to work well. Although it's an impressive feature at the start (bragging rights), you'll forge that the function is even there.

Overall, the phone will help you in your basic phone needs - call, text, listening to music and watching videos. BUt don't expext extreme functionality. It's 128mb makes it very limited.

Price of the phone is within the $150 range (no contract) so it's a pretty good deal for a wide range of functions.

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