Sunday, April 19, 2009

KTF Earphone Review

Purchased this small add-on for my phone 2 Weeks ago for PHP99.00 or $2.00 from a popular china (Read:knock off) phones and MP3/MP4 players.

The difference of this earphone is the jack size. Instead of the usual 3.5mm, it comes with 2.5mm but it doesn't have any mic. It easily fits to the ear and adjustment is very simple. You should be able to use this without any problem in your mobile phone.

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not good. It's almost on mono-sound even though the left and right configuration of sounds are obsrerved. The difference of sound could be easily observed when playing music with a strong bass or drums. Cranking the sound to 100% or the highest volume possible will have cracking sounds.

On the other hand, this earphone is perfect for podcasts. The voice is very clear. But aside from that, it's a pretty bad earphone.

Good: it's cheap
Bad: the sound quality, can't handle full volume

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