Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Magnolia Chicken Sotanghon

Let me get this straight...this is not your average Sotanghon. I bumped into this food yesterday and I opted to try it for review. I'm a fan of food especially the instant ones since they made my life a lot better although less healthier.

But this one may have pushed the envelope too far.

Magnolia Chicken Sotanghon is an sotanghon guisado. Inside you'll have the standard sotanghon noodles mixed with yakisoba noodles. There's meat and sauce that are added after you boil the sotanghon or at least place the noodles in hot water. Preparation could be compare to instant pancit canton.

The taste? Not so good. I'm always a big fan of noodles but this one is definitely an ill-concieved concept. It doesn't taste like the sotanghon guisado I like one bit. The instant version should at least have that slight reminder of the food.

The price? Not so good as well. For more than PHP20, it's not worth it.

My recommendations? Add Kalamansi to improve its taste or prepare it as dry as possible. But you're better off with an instant yakisoba which is a lot cheaper

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