Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movie Fight: House of Thousand Corpses and Devil's Rejects

As you may have read in my previous reviews, I'm a big fan of Rob Zombie. These are his two pet projects that I love to watch especially when I feel really depressed and just want to be angry some more. They show you the scary side of being human as these movies are no holds barred when it comes to violence.

If you allow me to choose between the two, I like the first movie better (House of Thousand Corpses). The sequel is still great but it has transformed into a bit of trickery and gore. There are no new revelations about the main characters as they just try to go on a killing spree. But then again, these are two great movies that seemed to fit the fans of Rob Zombie.

The only challenging part for me is that the movie, you may not believe it, ultimately can force you to skip forward and know what happened to the hunted. If you have this urge: don't. There are too many good scenes to be ignored. This is where the House of Thousand Corposes lacks and Devil's Rejects rejoices. The latter movie was just plain scary since it will place you in very dangerous situations. The first movie was haunting as you do not know how evil these guys can get.

Overall, these are two great movies that should be watched in the Holloween weekend. Careful though, these movies are not made for the squimish. If you were able to watch Ilsa the Wolf of SS without any problem, they you can watch (and appreciate) the movie.

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