Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flash Review: Hamlet 2

Southpark is one of the most culturally sensitive cartoons ever. But that sensitivity is not based on shying away from topics as this sensitivity is pure embracement while making it funny. And many people (including me) likes this setting. It's like getting a 101 in pop culture everytime the new episode is up.

Why am I talking about Southpark for Hamlet 2? Because Hamlet 2 reminds me of the cartoons. With that said, Hamlet 2 tries to embrace every awkward subject no one wants to talk about and made it into a musical. "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" is a great song but can be very offensive to others.

Anyway, the movie is not going to be the best movie in the decade but it sure is funny. Steve Coogan is not just your run-of-the-mill comedian, original and basking in awkwardness, you just don't see a lot of them anymore. Actually, pulling off a comedy based on awkwardness is very rare and some actors are really good at it even though they don't exert an effort.

Great movie, funny plot, awesome music.


Wiki (warning spoilers)

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