Monday, October 19, 2009

Flash Review: Black Snake Moan

I was fortunate enough to rent "Black Snake Moan" on DVD last weekend. I tried to watch it again for this review and fortunate not just because of possibly reviewing it but enjoying the story.

Set on the South, "Black Snake Moan" is a story of an African American taking care of a Caucasian with a bad reputation. The resolution is not that easy but it's very gripping. The movie stars Samuel L. Jackosn, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake. It's not a movie for kids since the message is for adults. Sometimes discpline needs some heavy chains in order to be implemented. In this case, literally.

There are many things that can get anyone interseted in the movie. Seeing Christina Ricci in this movie is very interesting. Samuel L. Jackson is not your regular cool guy as a takes on a great role to be the villain/hero. Justin Timberlake is also not your regular cool guy. The message and mix up of the story is not that simple. You just have to feel sorry for Ricci as she has to go through a lot of sob stories in the movie. Ultimately, you have to thank only yourself for finishing the movie as you learned many lessons why some can't just get the message easily.

As a music lover, what I like most about the movie is the amazing soundtrack. They say Samuel L. Jackson learned to play guitar to have a good performance in this bit and as a guitar player, it's good to see his hands are well placed in the guitar.

Great movie, great music. 'nuff said.



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