Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flash Review: Stan Helsing

Stan Helsing is a movie made by one of the directors Scary Movie. Based on the title, you will know that it's a spoof of something. I first thought it was sequel (hehehehe) but c'mon. Anyway, I was expecting that the movie could be another "Disaster Movie".

But as I was watching the movie, it does have something unique. It's a bit scary, but funny. Unfortunately, it's not really funny that will make you remember the jokes. There are times that it could be funny but it's a very simple story.

Here's a story in case you see the reviews and would jump into the "yeah it's a bad movie before I saw it" bandwagon: He's Stan Helsing, mistaken for Van Helsing so he's forced to fight the horror movie characters. You figure it out who wins.

Not much can be said but it's a good movie. Oh there's one more thing: Leslie Nielsen is still funny in this movie.


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