Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flash Review: Road Trip: Beer Pong

The original Road Trip is one of the funniest R-Rated movie I have ever seen. With that said, the expectations for the Direct to DVD sequel is high.

Although you'll never be completely disappointed, the movie is tad slower and less funnier compared to the original Tom Green fueled movie.

The movie revolves around a guy, well known for Beer Pong goes on a trip. That's it. Other things such as girls, nudity, drinking and effects of drinking revolves around the simple premise.

If you really, really like the first Road Trip and want to pay tribute, then this movie is for you. If you don't care - you're just wasting your time.

DJ Qualls is back on the sequel and takes on Tom Green's role in the first movie. If I'm not mistaken, he gets to make out with the same mom.

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